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Adaptive Resilience: How to Thrive in a Digital Era is a book by Maria Santacaterina published in September 2023 . It outlines a new approach to business success in a constantly changing digital age. Santacaterina argues that traditional business strategies are no longer sufficient, and that organizations need to develop adaptive resilience to survive and thrive.

The book offers a framework for building adaptive resilience, which includes:

Understanding the digital landscape: This involves staying up-to-date on the latest digital trends and technologies.
Developing a growth mindset: Organizations need to be willing to experiment and change in order to adapt to new challenges.
Building a culture of innovation: Encouraging creativity and risk-taking is essential for developing new ideas and solutions.
Fostering collaboration: Collaboration between different parts of an organization is necessary to share knowledge and resources effectively.
Focusing on long-term sustainability: Businesses need to consider the social and environmental impact of their decisions.
Santacaterina’s book is a valuable resource for businesses of all sizes that are looking to navigate the challenges and opportunities of the digital era.