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Download: ss_maker.exe
License Key: BDJ-SS-SPRNG24

DesktopPaints Animated Screensaver Maker is a software program designed to create custom animated screensavers for Windows computers. It allows users to transform static photos into dynamic scenes with various effects and objects, offering a more engaging alternative to traditional slideshow screensavers.

Here’s a breakdown of its functionalities and potential benefits:


Photo import: Load an image as the base for your screensaver.
Animation effects: Apply various animation effects to your photos, such as moving water, fire, weather effects, and more.
Animated objects: Add animated objects like fish, birds, or falling leaves to create a more dynamic scene.
Customization options: Control the behavior and appearance of animations and objects.
Easy to use interface: The program offers a user-friendly interface for creating screensavers without complex technical knowledge.
Export as EXE: Save your finished screensaver as an executable file (.exe) for easy activation on your Windows PC.

Personalized screensavers: Create unique and visually appealing screensavers that reflect your interests or preferences.
Easy creation process: The user-friendly interface makes creating animated screensavers accessible even for beginners.
Variety of effects: Explore a range of animation effects and objects to add depth and movement to your screensavers.