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Anyone who writes and sends confidential documents is often faced with the problem of having to protect them from the gaze of unwelcome third parties. With Guardian Of Data, it’s a breeze. With AES encryption (Rijndael Encryption Algorithm) you protect any type of document, so that it can only be read after entering the correct password! With up to 256-bit encryption, the software meets current security standards.

Security doesn’t always have to be complicated: thanks to Guardian Of Data, you can encrypt your documents directly from the context menu of Windows Explorer! To make encrypted documents available to your colleagues, business partners or other recipients without them having to install Guardian Of Data first, the software offers the creation of self-extracting files. This allows you to send multiple files as an encrypted archive even over insecure channels, without worrying that the data could fall into the wrong hands!

Guardian Of Data not only encrypts your documents, but also compresses them so that they take up as little storage space as possible and can be stored and shared in a compact form. To ensure that no sensitive data is left behind, the software deletes the unencrypted documents securely and irretrievably using recognized deletion standards.