Step into a world of fantasy and embark on a grand adventure in Eschalon: Book II, a classic role-playing game (RPG) available on GoG. Developed as a homage to the iconic RPGs of yesteryears, Eschalon: Book II takes players on a thrilling journey through a vast and meticulously crafted realm. Prepare to immerse yourself in a captivating story, navigate treacherous dungeons, interact with intriguing characters, and engage in strategic turn-based combat. If you’re a fan of immersive RPG experiences, Eschalon: Book II is a must-play title that will transport you back to the golden age of role-playing games.

Key Features:

Expansive Fantasy World: Eschalon: Book II presents a meticulously crafted and immersive fantasy world filled with rich lore, diverse landscapes, and intriguing locations. From sprawling cities to foreboding dungeons and untamed wilderness, the game offers a diverse range of environments to explore. Uncover hidden secrets, discover hidden treasures, and unravel the mysteries that lie within the world of Eschalon.

Engaging Storyline: Immerse yourself in a captivating narrative that continues the epic saga of Eschalon. As the protagonist, you’ll uncover your true destiny and face the challenges that arise in your path. Make choices that impact the course of the story and interact with a cast of memorable characters, each with their own motives and secrets. Your decisions will shape the outcome of the game, adding depth and replayability to the experience.

Tactical Turn-Based Combat: Prepare for strategic battles as you encounter a variety of enemies and creatures in Eschalon: Book II. Engage in tactical turn-based combat, utilizing a range of weapons, spells, and abilities to overcome your foes. Carefully plan your actions, exploit enemy weaknesses, and adapt to different combat scenarios to emerge victorious. The combat system rewards strategic thinking and offers a satisfying challenge for RPG enthusiasts.

Quests and Exploration: Embark on a multitude of quests and side missions that take you across the world of Eschalon. From rescuing villagers to solving puzzles and uncovering ancient artifacts, the game offers a wealth of content to discover. Explore hidden areas, delve into perilous dungeons, and encounter unique challenges along your journey. The world of Eschalon is ripe with secrets and surprises for those willing to explore.

Nostalgic Charm: Eschalon: Book II captures the spirit of classic RPGs with its retro-inspired graphics, immersive gameplay, and rich storytelling. It pays homage to the genre’s roots while introducing modern conveniences and refinements. If you have fond memories of RPGs from the past or appreciate games that evoke a sense of nostalgia, Eschalon: Book II will transport you back to the golden age of role-playing adventures.


Eschalon: Book II is a captivating RPG that delivers a nostalgic and immersive experience for fans of the genre. With its expansive fantasy world, engaging storyline, tactical combat, and nostalgic charm, it captures the essence of classic role-playing games. Whether you’re a long-time RPG enthusiast or new to the genre, Eschalon: Book II offers an epic adventure that will keep you enthralled for hours on end. Explore the rich world