License Key: B5C52-D48FB-B39DF-29FDE-4F01A

Key features of ExplorerMax:
1. Tabs – Tabs let you keep multiple folders open and switch between them quickly.
2. Quick Search – Search the files from your system or specific disk. And it’s returning the results in groups / Categories clearly.
3. Bookmarks – Keep your favorite files or folders quickly accessible through bookmarks.
4. Timeline – Locate to your file-managing history and recent files efficiently.
5. Skin – Light or dark mode is available.
6. Batch Rename – Smart rename your files.
7. Compression/Extraction – Easy to compress and extract the files in most types.
8. Dual-pane – support better file-to-file operations. (Beta)
9. PhotoMax – a plugin to organize photos. (Beta)

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