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Franzis CutOut is a photo editing software specifically designed for cutting out objects from images with high precision and ease. Here’s a breakdown of its features and how it might be useful for you:


Automatic object recognition: Uses AI to automatically detect and select objects in your image, making initial cutouts faster.
Manual fine-tuning: Offers precise tools like brushes and erasers to refine the selection and remove unwanted areas.
Multiple selection modes: Choose between different modes like foreground, background, or freehand selection for more control.
Edge optimization: Ensures smooth, clean edges around the cutout object with tools like edge refinement and color correction.
Background editing: Replace the original background with a solid color, gradient, or another image.
Batch processing: Saves time by processing multiple images simultaneously with identical settings.
Various output formats: Save your cutout objects in various formats like PNG, JPEG, TIFF, and PSD, preserving transparency for further editing.
Who might benefit from Franzis CutOut:

Photographers: Edit and enhance their photos by removing unwanted objects or people.
Graphic designers: Create precise cutouts for design elements like logos, icons, or product images.
Content creators: Easily remove backgrounds for product photos, social media posts, or website images.
E-commerce sellers: Prepare product images with clean backgrounds for online listings.
Hobbyists: Edit personal photos for fun or artistic projects.
Different versions of Franzis CutOut:

Franzis CutOut 9: The basic version with essential features for simple cutouts.
Franzis CutOut 10 Professional: Offers more advanced features like layer editing, batch processing, and additional tools for complex tasks.
Franzis CutOut 10 Professional Plus: Includes additional plugins for specific tasks like portrait retouching or panorama creation.