Download: HTParentalControls-21.6.6-gotd.zipmirror
Activation Code: HPB17-0607C-XE22G
Activation Code: HPB11-0607B-QW22A

HT Parental Controls is a comprehensive software solution designed to help parents ensure a safe and healthy online environment for their children. In today’s digital age, where children have unprecedented access to the internet and various devices, this software provides essential tools for monitoring and controlling online activities. It enables parents to strike the right balance between digital freedom and protection, fostering responsible digital citizenship.

Key Features and Highlights:

Content Filtering: Safeguard your children from inappropriate content by filtering websites, apps, and games based on your chosen criteria.

Time Management: Set daily or weekly limits on screen time to prevent excessive use of digital devices and encourage a healthy balance between online and offline activities.

Activity Monitoring: Keep track of your child’s online activities, including websites visited, applications used, and social media interactions.

Remote Control: Manage and customize settings from anywhere, ensuring your child’s online safety even when you’re not at home.

Alerts and Reports: Receive real-time alerts and detailed reports on your child’s digital activities, allowing you to address any concerns promptly.

Application Blocking: Block access to specific apps or games to prevent distractions or exposure to inappropriate content.

Instant Messaging Control: Monitor and control your child’s messaging apps, protecting them from cyberbullying and inappropriate conversations.

Geolocation Tracking: Keep tabs on your child’s whereabouts by tracking their device’s location in real time.

Social Media Monitoring: Monitor your child’s social media accounts to ensure they are using these platforms safely and responsibly.