Lost Castle is a 2D action RPG beat-em-up with roguelike elements, developed by Moonheart and published by Dear Villagers. It was released on Epic Games Store for free on June 28, 2023, and also available on other platforms like Steam and Nintendo Switch.

Story and Setting:

The game takes place in the once-peaceful Castle Harwood, now corrupted by dark magic. You play as one of several playable characters, each with their unique story and motivations, tasked with venturing into the castle to cleanse it of the evil and claim the treasures locked within.


Beat-em-up combat: Engage in fast-paced melee combat with various enemies, utilizing diverse attacks and special abilities.
Procedurally generated levels: Each playthrough offers a different experience with randomized dungeons and layouts.
Roguelike elements: Death is permanent, forcing you to start from scratch but retaining experience and upgrades for subsequent runs.
Character progression: Level up your character, unlock new abilities, and equip powerful items to become stronger.
Local and online co-op: Team up with up to three friends locally or online to tackle the challenges together.
Key Features:

Hand-drawn pixel art graphics with charming characters and detailed environments.
Upbeat soundtrack that complements the action.
Variety of weapons and items to discover and utilize.
Multiple difficulty levels to cater to different skill levels.
Engaging boss fights with unique mechanics.

Lost Castle has received generally positive reviews, praised for its:

Fun and addictive gameplay loop.
Charming visuals and soundtrack.
Replayability factor due to random dungeons and character variety.
Enjoyable co-op experience.
However, some criticisms include:

Repetitive enemy types after extended playtime.
Can be challenging, especially on higher difficulties.
Limited story elements.