LOVE offers a simplistic yet precise gaming experience, characterized by a minimalist pixel design that challenges players fairly. Navigate through 16 demanding levels, setting your checkpoints at your convenience while immersing yourself in a captivating 12-track original soundtrack by James Bennett.

The game caters to diverse preferences with its standard Arcade mode for a moderate challenge, Unlimited Mode for casual enjoyment, a dedicated Speedrun mode for those seeking speed records, and YOLO mode for players with a point to prove. Following the conquest of the main 16 levels, venture into Remix mode featuring seven reimagined stages or explore three minimalized versions from LOVE 2: kuso.

For those aiming for mastery, utilize Level Select to focus on your favorite level and craft a personal speedrun. Once you’ve conquered it all, unleash your creativity by designing your own levels using image and text editors. Alternatively, discover new levels at, featuring 10 Remix levels with accessible source files for learning.

For a nostalgic touch, the 2014 version of LOVE is included as LOVE Classic, available as an additional executable in the installation folder.

Key Features:

16 Original Levels
3 Bonus levels from LOVE 2: kuso
Dedicated Speedrun Mode for intense competition across the game or individual levels
18 Unlockable Epic Achievements
Competitive scoring system
Customizable checkpoint placement
Full Gamepad Support support for Custom Levels
10 Extra Remix Levels with source files