Soul Squash, available from Plugin Boutique, is a free vintage compressor pedal plugin developed by Tone Empire. It aims to capture the essence of classic solid-state compressors, offering a warm, punchy, and soulful sound well-suited for various genres like soul, funk, and beyond.


Sampled and accurately replicated: Leverages Tone Empire’s proprietary NM2 Neural Network technology to emulate the sound of a vintage solid-state compressor pedal.
Intuitive design: Features a minimalist interface with clear controls for:
Compressor: Adjusts the input gain entering the compressor.
Output: Controls the output level after compression.
Dry Mix: Adds the original unprocessed signal for parallel processing.
Input Adjust: Fine-tunes the input signal gain before processing.
Output Adjust: Trims the final output level after dry mix.
Thick: A switch adding a low-end boost post-compression for a “thicker” sound.
Gain Reduction Meter: Visually displays the amount of gain reduction occurring during compression.
Wide application: Ideal for various instruments, including pianos, clavinets, orchestras, bass, vocals, and drums.

Free and easy to use: A great entry point for exploring vintage compressor sounds without breaking the bank.
Warm and punchy compression: Adds character and vintage warmth to your audio, particularly useful for genres like soul, funk, and more.
Minimalist interface: Easy to learn and use, even for beginners.
Multiple formats: Available in VST3, AU, and AAX formats, compatible with most popular DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations) on Windows and Mac.

Limited features: As a free plugin, it offers a limited set of controls compared to paid compressor plugins.
Emulated sound: It emulates the sound of a hardware compressor, and the sound characteristics may not be as flexible as some digital compressors.